Letter from Mr. Al Hoffman

"My wife and I have followed Alexandra Lewis, or as she is affectionately known, "Alex", for the past several years. We cannot understand why she has not been discovered!   

This writer is a devout music lover. To me music is the essence of life and when played or sung by an unusually talented musician, orchestra or vocalist, I find myself, and I have to believe many others do also, in an aura of soothing, calming and joyful pleasure.   

The most unusual aspect of this lovely young ladies talent is her versatility. She can restore the fading American Song book that has been gradually replaced by Do-Wop, Bee Bop, Rap and whatever else. Then, she suddenly becomes a jazz artist!  Her range is truly incredible and one of the traits we find most enjoyable is her inimitable delivery.   

Alex is a star waiting to be discovered, and she will be!  We have all watched and enjoyed America Has Talent, England Has Talent and I even watch Australia Has Talent. These shows, on occasion do have rare talent such as Susan Boyle who after performing and being recognized, ride their ascending star high into the sky.   

At the risk of sounding bias, I have not seen or heard one vocalist who in my humble opinion enjoys all the gifts Alexandra was given.  

She truly is unique!! "

Mr. Hoffman passed away in December 2018. Going to see Alex perform was one of his favorite things to do.  

Alex and Al Hoffman singing his favorite song, "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?"

Alex and Al Hoffman singing his favorite song, "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?"

Alexandra was recently featured on Legend's Radio 100.3 The Morning Lounge with Jill & Rich. Listen to her gorgeous recording of "Skylark", Lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by Hoagie Carmichael.

Alexandra performs "Summertime" on the Dick Robinson Radio Show on Legends 100.3.